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Imagine having complete control over your garage door with just a few taps on your smartphone. The best smart garage door openers offer convenience, security, and peace of mind by allowing you to monitor and control your garage from anywhere. In this article, we will explore some of the top smart garage door openers available in the market, including their features, compatibility, and ease of installation. Read on to discover which smart garage door opener will best suit your needs and transform your garage into a key part of your smart home ecosystem.

Our Top Picks

  • Meross Smart Garage Door Opener
  • iSmartGate Ultimate PRO Garage Kit
  • Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Control

Meross Garage Door Opener


  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings
  • Supports over 200 brands and 1600 different models
  • Provides real-time alerts
  • Compact design


  • Requires a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network
  • Wired sensor, not wireless
  • Meross Garage Door Opener

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The Meross Garage Door Opener is a small yet powerful device that can enhance your existing garage door opener, making it smarter and more accessible. With compatibility across various smart home platforms, including Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings, this device offers seamless integration into your smart home ecosystem.

Effortless Setup and Installation

Setting up the Meross Garage Door Opener is relatively easy, taking around 10 minutes for most users. Start by adding the device to your smart home platform, such as HomeKit, and follow the setup process within the app. Next, physically install the device by connecting the wires to your existing garage door opener and securing the controller with the included 3M pads. The wired sensor should be placed at the top of the garage door, with the cable neatly tucked away along roof rafters or similar structures.

Compatibility and Performance

The Meross Garage Door Opener boasts compatibility with over 200 brands and 1600 different models, ensuring that it will work with both the latest garage opener models and those produced back in the 1990s. It’s essential to check the compatibility list on Meross’ website to ensure your garage door is supported.

Once installed, you can control the Meross Garage Door Opener using your preferred smart home app, like Apple’s Home app, or through voice control with Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant. The device responds quickly to commands, allowing you to open or close your garage door efficiently. It can also be integrated into scenes and automation for added convenience.

Additional Features and Final Thoughts

The Meross Garage Door Opener provides real-time alerts when your garage door opens, closes, or is left open for an extended period. This feature helps to increase security and peace of mind for homeowners. If you have CarPlay built into your car, you can also use the Meross Garage Door Opener to open or close your garage door from your car’s dashboard.

In conclusion, the Meross Garage Door Opener offers an affordable, easy-to-install, and highly compatible solution for integrating your garage door into your smart home setup. If you have any questions or would like to share your experience with the Meross Garage Door Opener, feel free to leave a comment below.

iSmartgate Pro Ultimate Garage Door Kit


  • Compatible with multiple smart home systems
  • Remote control and monitoring
  • Wireless indoor IP camera with night vision
  • 1-year free video plugin


  • Slightly slower response time due to safety warnings
  • Not suitable for roller door garages
  • iSmartgate Lite Ultimate Garage Door Kit – iSG-02WAU204

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The iSmartgate Pro Ultimate Garage Door Kit offers an all-inclusive package for those looking to integrate their garage door into their smart home ecosystem. It works seamlessly with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, and Amazon Alexa via IFTTT. This kit allows you to control, monitor, and even watch your garage door from anywhere using your smartphone.

The Ultimate PRO Garage Kit includes the iSmartgate PRO device, a waterproof wireless garage door sensor, and a wireless indoor IP camera with night vision capabilities. Priced at $339.00, this kit is currently available for pre-order, with an expected shipping date next month.

Effortless Installation & Performance

The setup for the iSmartgate Pro is simple, below is a video of a step by step guide on this process. It takes roughly 20 minutes to complete the installation, from unboxing to having it fully operational. The kit’s performance is impressive, with only a minor delay in response time due to the safety warnings.

Safety First

The iSmartgate Pro prioritises safety, with an audio alarm and flashing LEDs to warn people nearby when the garage door is about to open or close. This feature provides peace of mind, especially for those with children, ensuring everyone stays clear of the moving door.

The iSmartgate Pro Ultimate Garage Door Kit is an excellent choice for anyone looking to integrate their garage door into their smart home system. With easy installation, compatibility with various platforms, and a focus on safety, this kit offers a comprehensive solution for modern homeowners. Pre-order yours today and experience the convenience of a smart garage door.

Chamberlain MYQ Smart Garage Hub


  • Easily control and monitor your garage door remotely
  • Affordable upgrade for existing garage door openers
  • Compatible with Amazon Key for secure package delivery


  • Limited availability of Amazon Key in some areas
  • Subscription required for integration with some third-party services
  • Chamberlain MYQ Smart Garage Hub

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Transform your garage door experience with the Chamberlain MYQ Smart Garage Hub, a fantastic way to modernise your existing garage door opener. Imagine closing your garage door from the comfort of your bed or allowing Amazon to deliver packages safely inside your garage, foiling potential porch thieves. At just AUD 50 (USD 29.99), this smart garage hub is an affordable and efficient solution.

The MYQ Smart Garage Hub connects to a compatible garage door opener via Wi-Fi, enabling you to control it through the MYQ app on your smartphone. It’s an easy, cost-effective method to enhance your garage door’s capabilities, even if it’s an older model like my Craftsman opener from 1997.

One standout feature is its compatibility with Amazon Key, which allows packages to be delivered inside your garage, making it much more difficult for thieves to swipe them from your porch or doorstep. While Amazon Key is currently available only in select areas, you can check its availability in your region by visiting the Chamberlain website.

Installation and Customisation

The hub package contains everything you need to get started: the hub, door sensor, Quick Start Guide, power block, and mounting hardware. It’s important to check compatibility with your garage door opener and ensure your Wi-Fi network reaches your garage before beginning installation.

Once you’ve confirmed compatibility, installation and setup are a breeze. Simply download the MYQ app, follow the instructions to register the hub, and connect it to your Wi-Fi network. Mount the door sensor on the back of your garage door using the included adhesive strips and pair the hub with your garage door opener. The hub can be securely mounted using the provided screws and drywall anchors if necessary.

With the hub installed, you can now open or close your garage door from anywhere, set schedules to ensure your door is always closed at a specific time, and check its status with ease. The MYQ app also integrates with other third-party services such as Amazon Key, Nest, and Xfinity Home, while some services like Google Assistant and IFTTT require a subscription.

Why Invest in a Smart Garage Door Opener?

A smart garage door opener is not just a luxury, but a practical addition to your home security system. It offers a multitude of benefits, such as:

  • Remote access and control: Open or close your garage door from anywhere using your smartphone, without needing a physical remote control.
  • Real-time notifications: Receive instant alerts when your garage door opens, closes, or is left open for an extended period.
  • Enhanced security: Share access with family members or trusted individuals, and monitor usage history to keep track of who is accessing your garage.
  • Smart home integration: Seamlessly integrate your garage door opener with other smart home devices, such as lights, cameras, and voice assistants.
  • Schedule automation: Set your garage door to open or close at specific times, or automate lights to turn on/off for added convenience and energy efficiency.

Investing in a smart garage door opener is a wise decision to improve your home security and overall convenience. Our top picks offer a range of features and compatibility options to suit different preferences and budgets. Choose the smart garage door opener that best meets your needs and enjoy the peace of mind and ease of access that comes with integrating your garage into your smart home ecosystem. Remember to consider factors like compatibility, ease of installation, and integration with other smart devices when making your decision. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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Is there a garage door opener that works with HomeKit? ›

ismartgate is compatible with Apple HomeKit*, Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and SmartThings*. Use your voice to open, close or know the status of your garage door motors.

Is MyQ garage door opener compatible with HomeKit? ›

With MyQ Home Bridge hardware and access to the HomeKit platform, users can open, close, or check the status of their garage doors, and turn MyQ-connected lights on or off using the Home app via their iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® and Apple Watch®, or using Siri®.

Does Genie work with HomeKit? ›

A: Yes, it will work.

Is LiftMaster a HomeKit? ›

This mobile application is designed to make the LiftMaster® myQ® and HomeKit easy to sync and pair. When you follow the prompts, you'll have a more connected and convenient home in no time thanks to myQ® HomeBridge and myQ® LiftMaster technology.

What can I automate with HomeKit? ›

If you set up a home hub, you can trigger an accessory or scene based on the time of day, your location, sensor detection, and more. Create an automation that triggers your "I'm Here" scene when someone in your family arrives home. Or have all of the lights in a room turn on when a motion sensor detects movement.

Can I program my smartphone to open my garage door? ›

Absolutely, you can use your smartphone as a garage door opener. If you already have a garage door opener, there's no point in buying a new system. All you need to do is to retrofit it with a smart garage door opener. But if you don't have a garage door opener, you can consider buying a smart garage door system.

How do I program my 2023 Palisade garage door opener? ›

Inside your Hyundai vehicle, press and hold the garage door button on your garage door remote control, while simultaneously pressing and holding the HomeLink® garage door button on your Hyundai rear view mirror. Continue to press and hold until the red light on your rearview mirror turns solid, or flashes very quickly.

How do I convert my garage door opener to smart? ›

Use a smartphone app to control your garage door opener via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or over the Internet. Check if your garage door is open or closed. Use Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Samsung SmartThings to open and close the garage door. Check who opened or closed the garage door .

Why is myQ garage door HomeKit not responding? ›

Double-check the accessory is also receiving power as expected. For iOS, ensure that Bluetooth is enabled. It can also help to try power cycling your modem/router for the Wi-Fi network you're using. If the issue persists, try removing the accessory and set it up again.

Does myQ have a monthly fee? ›

MyQ offers various price points depending on the length of time. They range from $45/year to a 10-year subscription for $299. MyQ also offers a 5-year plan for $179. Although the subscription cost is high, it is still cheaper than Tesla's $350 installation cost for HomeLink.

Can Siri control myQ garage door? ›

Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant all work with MyQ, even giving you the ability to create custom voice commands to control your door when your hands are full.

Can my Apple Watch open my garage door? ›

With the Apple Watch Series 2 and newer, you need to set up the connection to the module only once with the iPhone, then the Apple Watch app can open and close the garage without the iPhone. The Apple Watch app must be unlocked through an In-App-Purchase.

Is there a difference between Genie and Genie+? ›

Disney Genie is a complimentary trip-planning service, Disney Genie+ is a paid service that lets you use a Lightning Lane entrance to bypass the standby line on select attractions, and individual attraction selections allow you to pay to skip the line on up to two high-demand attractions per day.

What device can I use as a HomeKit hub? ›

Set up HomePod mini or HomePod as a home hub

When you set up HomePod mini and HomePod,* they automatically become home hubs. Just make sure that you're signed in to iCloud on your iPhone or iPad with the Apple ID that you used to set up your HomeKit and Matter accessories in the Home app.

Is Chamberlain and LiftMaster the same company? ›

Are Liftmaster & Chamberlain the Same? One of the main differences between LiftMaster and Chamberlain garage door openers is that they're aimed at different consumer groups. Both brands actually belong to the same parent company, the Chamberlain Group, which helps explain why they're not direct competitors.

What is the difference between Genie and LiftMaster garage door openers? ›

What differentiates the LiftMaster from Genie door openers, mainly, is its more proficient use of smart tech. LiftMaster utilizes myQ technology, which gives homeowners tons of other features such as garage door monitoring and control, in-garage delivery, smart camera usage, smart home capabilites, and much more.

What is Schlage HomeKit? ›

With Schlage Encode Plus™ and Apple HomeKit, users get even more seamless home security like auto-lock features and remote control via smartphone. Even when you're away, access Apple HomePod or Apple TV to control your connected HomeKit door lock.

What are the disadvantages of HomeKit? ›

It usually doesn't work without the manufacturer app.

On the one hand, firmware updates (which, if available, are usually really important) can only be installed via the manufacturer app. Secondly, many useful functions of HomeKit devices cannot be set at all via the Home app or do not work.

Is HomeKit worth it? ›

HomeKit support is worth it if you're a committed iPhone user, if Siri is your go-to digital assistant, and if you place a priority on your privacy. Otherwise, you can save a bit of cash by choosing a competing platform like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

What are the best things to automate? ›

Daily & weekly task automation examples:
  • Scheduling social media posts using a platform like Hootsuite, or blog posts using a content management system like Wordpress.
  • Sending payroll for processing.
  • Backing up files.
  • Sending reminder emails.
Nov 4, 2022

Can I use my iPhone as a garage door opener? ›

Open your garage door by simply saying “Hey Siri, open garage door” from your iPhone or any other Apple device. Ask any of your Apple devices to close your garage with this simple command “Hey Siri, close garage door”. Thanks to the ismartgate sensors you can ask Siri about the status of your door at anytime.

Is there a garage door opener that works with ring? ›

Chamberlain® Smart Garage® Control Works with Ring

Take up to 12 months to pay with no interest and no late fees. Prequalify now. Control, secure and monitor your garage door from anywhere and receive real-time notifications when your garage door is opening or closing.

Does 2023 Palisade have remote start? ›

The 2023 Palisade also features improvements to Hyundai's Bluelink connectivity. The Gen 2.5 system in the new Palisade synchronizes settings for two drivers tied to Bluelink and digital key. It offers remote engine start capability that also pulls in climate control and seat settings.

Does the 2023 Palisade have HomeLink? ›

2023 Hyundai Palisade SEL

Also included are an auto-dimming rearview mirror, a hands-free smart liftgate, a wireless smartphone charger, and a HomeLink universal garage remote.

Does 2023 telluride have HomeLink? ›

The 2023 Telluride receives newly available technology features to help make ownership easier and more convenient: Standard upgraded 12.3-inch navigation screen (increased from 10.3 inches) Optional Full Display Mirror with HomeLink10 functionality (replacing traditional rearview mirror)

Is a smart garage door opener worth it? ›

The Bottom Line

When it comes to giving your garage the modern security and protection it needs that you can control right from your device, you should consider getting a smart garage door opener. If the added cost and the complex maintenance requirements are not an issue with you, then, by all means, go for it.

Can you add Wi-Fi to an existing garage door opener? ›

Install Equipment

Mount your Wi-Fi controller to the ceiling near your garage door opener and then connect it to your home's Wi-Fi connection. Next, mount any door sensors, connect them to the door opener and pair them with the Wi-Fi controller.

Do you need Wi-Fi for a smart garage door opener? ›

Smart garage door openers connect to your Wi-Fi. You need WiFi already set up in your home in order to connect it to your smart garage door opener. Check to see if the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough to reach your garage. You can add a booster to your system to ensure you can connect.

Can myQ alert me if the garage door is open? ›

The alert feature allows myQ users to receive an electronic notification (alert) when a certain event occurs (e.g. the garage door opens or closes). An alert can be enabled, edited, or disabled with any internet enabled computer or smartphone.

Why won t the Wi-Fi garage door opener or myQ Wi-Fi hub connect to my wireless network home router? ›

If you have issues connecting, remove the device from the myQ app, add the device back in using the Internet Gateway (even if not using), and enter the myQ serial number into the app. Congratulations, you are connected! Your Wi-Fi Opener is ready to pair with your phone for setup. Test for Wi-Fi strength.

Why does my garage door opener say myQ but not Wi-Fi? ›

If your garage door opener says has a MyQ logo but no Wi-Fi symbol, you're probably going to need to buy additional equipment to connect it to your smartphone.

Is Chamberlain myQ worth it? ›

The Chamberlain MyQ is truly a no-brainer. It can make nearly any garage door smart and give you the benefits of opening or closing it from anywhere. Today, it's down to an all-time low price.

How many phones can connect to myQ garage door opener? ›

Simply open the myQ App on your smart phone and select the + sign to begin inviting up to five users.

Does myQ work without subscription? ›

You do not have to sign up for a storage plan. However, a subscription is the only way to record video.

What garage door opener uses MyQ? ›

Newer Chamberlain and LiftMaster smart garage door opener models feature built-in myQ connectivity. All you need to do is download the myQ App and you're ready to take control of your garage from anywhere in the world. For help with your smart garage door opener, visit our Support Site.

Can MyQ close garage door automatically? ›

Simply program the MyQ technology to have the garage door close after a certain amount of time. If you leave the garage open for too long, MyQ will automatically shut the door. Leaving you worry free.

Can Alexa control MyQ? ›

MyQ can work with Alexa if you use IFTTT or the SimpleCommands app. The Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener does not directly work with Alexa. However, you can connect MyQ to Alexa using IFTTT to close your garage door by voice or trigger your MyQ garage door to close in an Alexa Routine.

Can a burglar open garage door from outside? ›

A burglar can open a garage door from the outside in a matter of seconds with nothing more than a wire coat hanger. All they have to do is use a tool to pry open the top edge of the door, drive the hanger through the opening, grab the cord with the hook and pull.

What is the app that opens the garage door on iPhone? ›

The myQ smart access app allows you to easily open, close or check the status of your garage door, commercial door, gate or myQ home lighting from anywhere using your mobile device.

Will my Apple Watch work if I left it at home? ›

If your Apple Watch is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data

With a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection, your Apple Watch can do the following things, even if your iPhone isn't with you. Make and answer phone calls. Send and receive messages. Use Siri to get directions, send iMessages and more.

Is Genie Plus free now? ›

Genie+ is a paid add-on to the free Genie service and is available for use at Disneyland and Disney World. It gives more guests front-of-the-line access to experience high-traffic attractions and shows, like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade.

Does it matter when you buy Genie Plus? ›

The Disney Genie Plus service can be added to a complimentary ticket. However, you cannot add Genie+ ahead of time and you must do it on the day you are going to use the ticket. You will need to add Genie+ at the beginning of each day you want to use the service.

Does Genie Plus cost more? ›

Learn EVERYTHING you need to know about TRON Lightcycle / Run here! Disney Genie+ is the paid replacement for the old FastPass+ system. Up until recently, you'd pay $15 per person per day to utilize Genie+. With surge pricing, however, we've seen the cost range from $15 to now $35 per person, per day.

What is the maximum number of devices in HomeKit? ›

The HomeKit Accessory Protocol Specification only allows a maximum of 150 unique accessories ( aid ) per bridge. Be mindful of this when configuring the filter(s). If you plan on exceeding the 150 devices limit, it is possible to create multiple bridges.

Can you have 2 home hubs in 1 house? ›

You can have as many HomeKit hubs as you want, and they will all work together. For example, I have Bluetooth temperature sensors throughout my home. Normally, Bluetooth only works within about 30ft, and doesn't penetrate walls very well.

Is it better to have multiple HomeKit hubs? ›

Finally, you may want more than one hub. There's no harm in enabling all the compatible devices you have as HomeKit hubs. With multiple hubs set up, the primary home hub will show as connected and the other home hubs will show Standby as their status.

Can I get an app on my phone to open my garage door? ›

The GarageSmart App is compatible with Android and iOS run devices. The app is easy to install, reliable, and secure as it allows you to know the individual opening or closing the garage door. It is compatible with most garage doors.

Is there an iPhone app to open garage doors? ›

The myQ smart access app allows you to easily open, close or check the status of your garage door, commercial door, gate or myQ home lighting from anywhere using your mobile device. The myQ app supports myQ-enabled products from Chamberlain, LiftMaster.

Can I open and close my garage door with my phone? ›

Absolutely, you can use your smartphone as a garage door opener. If you already have a garage door opener, there's no point in buying a new system. All you need to do is to retrofit it with a smart garage door opener. But if you don't have a garage door opener, you can consider buying a smart garage door system.

Can I make my garage door opener smart? ›

If you are wondering if you could make your existing old garage door opener Smart, the answer is YES. Most older model garage door openers have an option to add a wall control panel / push button which you can use to open or close the garage door. Smart garage door openers can be wired to these push button terminals.

Does MyQ charge a monthly fee? ›

MyQ Subscription

HomeLink is free to use, so if your vehicle already has HomeLink integration, it could be the obvious choice.

Can MyQ open the garage door automatically? ›

When you leave or arrive home, an intelligent geofence recognizes your vehicle's location and automatically opens or closes your garage door.

What is the difference between Apple Home and Apple HomeKit? ›

HomeKit, also known as Apple Home, is a software framework developed by Apple Inc., made available in iOS and iPadOS that lets users configure, communicate with and control smart-home appliances using Apple devices. It provides users with a way to automatically discover such devices and configure them.

Can I have 2 HomeKit hubs? ›

You can have as many HomeKit hubs as you want, and they will all work together. For example, I have Bluetooth temperature sensors throughout my home.


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