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Your Ring camera is designed to keep you informed about what’s happening around your home. The blue light on the camera is one way the device communicates its status to you. It may glow blue during setup or when certain features, like 24/7 recording, are activated. But it’s important to know the various light patterns and what they mean so you can quickly address any potential issues and maintain the reliability of your home security system.

You may also be interested in the option to disable the blue light, as some users find it distracting or uncomfortable. While this feature may not be available by default, it’s worth exploring the possibility of customization to create a home security experience that suits your needs and preferences.

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Blue Light on Ring Camera

The blue light on your Ring camera, its functions, and different light patterns. Understanding these items can help you use your Ring camera more effectively and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Functions of Blue Light

The blue light on your Ring camera serves as an indicator of the camera’s state of functioning. It can provide information about the camera’s recording, motion detection, and overall status. Knowing what each light pattern means will help you ensure your Ring camera is working correctly and address any potential issues promptly.

Different Light Patterns

Here are some of the most common blue light patterns you may encounter:

Light PatternMeaning
Solid blue lightThis indicates that your Ring camera is recording a video. Be aware that the camera is actively capturing footage.
Blinking blue lightIf the blue light blinks strongly, it signifies that your camera is starting up.
Blue light blinking on and off for 2 secondsThis pattern means a firmware update is in progress. There is no need to worry, as this is a normal occurrence.
Blue and red blinking lightIf the light blinks blue and red, there may be an issue with your internet connection. Consider restarting your router or the Ring App to resolve the problem.

Ring Camera Setup and Troubleshooting

Setup Process

To set up your Ring Camera, first download and install the Ring app on your smartphone. Open the app and follow the instructions to create an account. Once you’ve signed in, select “Set up a device” and choose the appropriate Ring Camera from the list. During setup, ensure that your smartphone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your camera.

When prompted, enter the device setup mode by pressing the button on your Ring Camera. It will start flashing a blue light, indicating the setup mode. Follow the step-by-step instructions within the app, including entering your Wi-Fi password and selecting a suitable location for your camera.

After completing these steps, your Ring Camera will perform a firmware update, during which a solid blue light will be visible on the device. Once the firmware update is complete, the blue light will change to a slow, pulsing pattern, indicating that setup was successful.

Incorrect PasswordIf the setup process fails due to an incorrect Wi-Fi password, the blue light will blink on for five seconds. Make sure to double-check your Wi-Fi password and re-enter it in the app to proceed.
Setup Failed to Connect to Wi-FiIf your Ring Camera fails to connect to your Wi-Fi network during setup, the blue light will flash on and off. Ensure your internet connection is stable and your router is functioning correctly. Restart your router and try the setup process again.
Factory RestoreIf you encounter persistent issues during setup, you may need to perform a factory restore on your Ring Camera. Follow the instructions provided in the app or contact Ring Support for further assistance.

Common Issues and Solutions

Factory Restore:If you encounter persistent issues during setup, you may need to perform a factory restore on your Ring Camera. Follow the instructions provided in the app or contact Ring Support for further assistance.


If you experience issues with your Ring Camera after the setup is complete, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot:

  • Check your internet connection and Wi-Fi signal strength. If necessary, restart your router and ensure it is functioning properly.
  • Ensure your smartphone is running the latest version of the Ring app and that the app has permission to send notifications.
  • Confirm that your camera’s firmware is up to date. If an update is available, the camera will display a solid blue light while it updates.
  • If you continue to experience issues, contact Ring Support for assistance with your specific problem.

Ring Camera Models and Features

In this section, we will discuss the different types of Ring cameras available and their unique features. You can find an overview of Ring Doorbell Cameras, Ring Indoor Cameras, and Ring Stick-Up Cameras.

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Ring Doorbell Cameras

Ring offers a variety of doorbell cameras to enhance your home security. The most popular models include:

  • Ring Video Doorbell Wired
  • Ring Battery Doorbell Plus (Video Doorbell)
  • Ring Video Doorbell
  • Peephole Cam (Video Doorbell)
  • Ring Video Doorbell 3
  • Ring Video Doorbell 4
  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro
  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2
  • Ring Video Doorbell Elite

These models come with features such as motion detection, high-definition video, two-way audio, and customizable motion zones. They also connect to your Wi-Fi network and are powered by battery or hardwired connections, depending on the model.

Ring Indoor Cameras

Your indoor security needs can be met with the Ring Indoor Cam. This compact camera is easy to install on a flat surface or can be mounted on a wall. The Ring Indoor Cam offers:

  • 1080p HD video
  • Two-way audio
  • Night vision
  • Real-time notifications
  • Integrates with Ring app

It requires a Wi-Fi connection and is powered through a micro-USB cable, ensuring continuous functionality.

Ring Stick-Up Cameras

For versatile outdoor or indoor security, the Ring Stick-Up Cameras are an excellent choice. They come in two versions:

  • Ring Stick-Up Cam Battery
  • Ring Stick-Up Cam Plug-In

Both versions share features such as customizable motion detection, HD video, night vision, and two-way audio. The Battery model is powered by a removable battery pack, while the Plug-In model connects to a power outlet.

By choosing the right Ring camera for your specific needs, you can improve your home security infrastructure and gain peace of mind.

Light Patterns and Notifications

Now we’ll cover what the blue and red light notifications mean.

Blue Light Notifications and Status

The blue light on your Ring camera indicates the device’s operational status. A solid blue light means the camera is functioning correctly and is actively recording, especially when you have enabled the 24/7 recording mode. If you wish to disable the 24/7 recording, you can do so through the Ring app settings.

A blinking blue light usually occurs during the setup process or when the device is rebooting. Once the setup or reboot is complete, the blue light should stop blinking. If the light continues to blink, consider resetting your device to factory settings and retry the setup process.

As for the ring camera’s night vision capabilities, you may notice a very slow blinking blue light when it’s functioning in low light conditions. This is normal and indicates that the camera is working as intended.

Red Light Notifications and Status

Red light notifications on your Ring camera indicate different issues or statuses. A flashing red light typically signifies that the device is experiencing difficulties connecting to your Wi-Fi network. To resolve this, check your Wi-Fi router settings and ensure your camera is within range.

A solid red light indicates that the alarm has been triggered, signaling an event or motion detection. If the light remains solid red and there is no apparent reason, check your camera’s settings to ensure accurate motion zones and sensitivity have been configured.

In summary, understanding the light patterns and notifications on your Ring camera is essential to ensure proper operation and troubleshooting. Pay attention to any blue and red light indications, and follow the guidance provided for resolving any issues they may signify.

Customizing Ring Camera Settings

In this section, we will discuss several Ring Camera settings you may customize to enhance your home security experience.

Two-Way Audio

One feature of your Ring Camera is the Two-Way Audio, which allows you to communicate with visitors or intruders. To enable or disable this feature, follow these steps:

  • Open the Ring app.
  • Tap the three lines on the top left of the Dashboard.
  • Select Devices.
  • Choose the specific camera you want to adjust.
  • Go to Device Settings.
  • Tap Privacy Settings.
  • Toggle the Audio Streaming and Recording option as desired.

Motion Settings

Customizing motion settings helps ensure that you receive notifications based on your preferences. Here’s how:

  • Open the Ring app.
  • Tap the three lines on the top left of the Dashboard.
  • Select Devices.
  • Choose the specific camera you want to adjust.
  • Tap Motion Settings.
  • Adjust the sensitivity and range according to your needs.
  • Save your changes.

Alarm and Siren Settings

Your Ring Camera can also act as an alarm through its built-in siren feature. To customize these settings, follow these steps:

  • Open the Ring app.
  • Tap the three lines on the top left of the Dashboard.
  • Select Devices.
  • Choose the specific camera you want to adjust.
  • Go to Device Settings.
  • Tap Siren Settings.
  • Here, you can choose to enable the siren automatically in case of an event or manually activate it through the app whenever necessary.

With these customizable settings, your Ring Camera will provide the security features that work best for your unique situation.

Addressing Privacy Concerns

If you have a Ring camera installed in your home for security purposes, you may have concerns about your privacy due to the blue light that indicates when the camera is recording. This section will help you address those concerns and present you with alternative ideas about how to use your Ring camera.

Using Black Tape to Cover LED

One simple solution to maintain your privacy and prevent the camera’s blue light from bothering you is using black tape to cover the LED indicator. Find a small piece of black electrical tape, which can be easily found at a local store. Carefully cover the blue light on your Ring camera to block it while making sure not to interfere with the camera’s lens.

As you explore alternative uses for your Ring camera, always be mindful of your privacy and the security of your internet connection.


What does the blue light mean on Ring? ›

Solid blue light: A solid blue light means that the camera is starting up and/or recording. Slow blinking blue light: If the blue LED lights blink slowly, then that shows the camera is in setup mode. Blue light blinks on and off, then is on for two seconds: This means that a firmware update is in progress.

What does blue light on Ring Chime mean? ›

A solid blue light on your Chime or Chime Pro is an indicator that there is power reaching the device. Whether online or not, this light will be blue but should, of course, be blinking to indicate setup mode.

What does a solid blue light on a security camera mean? ›

A solid blue light indicates that the camera has been paired with an account and is connected to your router. A blinking blue light indicates that the camera has lost connection to the Internet and is trying to reconnect.

What does the blue light mean? ›

to take someone to a hospital in an emergency vehicle using blue flashing lights: Patients with a suspected stroke should be blue-lighted to the nearest hospital. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Hurrying and doing things quickly.

What do the ring light colors mean? ›

LED patterns shown on pairing ring light behind the unit: A spinning blue light indicates “Ready to Pair.” A solid blue light indicates “Pairing Successful.” A flashing blue light indicates “Pairing Failed.”

When the Ring camera light is blue? ›

Flashing Light Patterns on Indoor Cam
ActivityFlashing Light Pattern
Camera is starting upSolid blue light
Firmware update in progressBlue light that blinks on and off, then stays on for two seconds
Camera is recordingSolid blue light
Two-way talk/speaker enabledVery slow, pulsing blue light
7 more rows

What color should ring chime light be? ›

The light on the Chime Pro should be a steady blue light after the initial setup. It should only blink during setup until it pairs with your home wifi network.

Do Ring lights have blue light? ›

Ring lights are made of LED bulbs, which are a source of blue light.

What does the blue dot on the camera mean? ›

It is lens flare. It is a reflection off of the iPhone lens from a particular light source. You can usually identify the light source when you look at the photo. The only way to adjust this is to identify the light source and try adjusting the angle of the iPhone to minimize it.

Why do devices have blue light? ›

Blue light boosts alertness, helps memory and brain function, and elevates mood. It regulates your body's natural wake and sleep cycle (circadian rhythm).

Why is my camera showing a blue screen? ›

It's typically caused by a loose camera connection. If you are seeing a blue screen this generally indicates that your video cable came loose. Check that the cable is secure on both ends. If the issue remains try power cycling your camera as it's possible that the signal has become corrupted from the camera.

Should blue light be off? ›

Although blue light does not cause any damage to the eye, decreasing blue light exposure and limiting screen time and brightness can help people sleep better and feel more comfortable. “There are many important benefits to blue light exposure.

What does blue light LED mean? ›

Blue LED light treatment uses blue light emitting diodes to kill acne-causing bacteria on the skin. It also emits a near infra-red that has cell regenerative effects that can improve your complexion.

What does a blue front light mean? ›

Blue porch light

To advance autism awareness, Autism Speaks started a campaign known as Light It Up Blue. The organization adopted blue as its official color and encouraged people to turn their porches blue to show support.

How do you know if a ring camera is on? ›

How do I know if my Ring camera is recording? Ring's cameras and doorbells show a light on the front when they record or if someone's watching a live view—they also send motion alerts to your phone. You need to pay for a Ring camera storage plan to record video.

What color is ring when someone is watching? ›

The normally white LED ring around the button turns blue indicating that the camera is active AND someone is watching it. I would really prefer people not know if I am looking at them or not.

Should my Ring Doorbell have a blue light? ›

Generally, a flashing blue light means your Ring Doorbell is connecting to a network during setup, has been successfully set up, or is currently charging. However, a flashing blue light can also indicate the device is booting up, the doorbell has been reset, or the front button has been pressed.

How do I know if my ring light is good? ›

A CRI of 90 or higher is best.

Ring lights with a CRI of 90 or above are considered excellent, whereas those with a CRI between 80 and 90 are thought of as good, according to Westinghouse Lighting. You might not find the CRI rating in the product description, but that doesn't mean the ring light has a low CRI.

Should my Ring Chime be blue? ›

The icon shaped like a bell represents an alert if someone rings your doorbell. If you tap on an icon and it turns blue, that means it's active.

Does ring light up when someone is watching? ›

There isn't any way to know if someone is watching you on a Ring camera—at least not through physical observation. However, it's possible you could see the infrared light at night turn on if the camera is active—assuming the night vision is on and you're at the correct angle to view it.

What does blue circle mean on location? ›

The blue dot shows you where you are on the map. When Google Maps isn't sure about your location, you'll see a light blue circle around the blue dot. You might be anywhere within the light blue circle. The smaller the circle, the more certain the app is about your location.

What is the little dot on the camera? ›

The green dot indicates that your camera, or camera and microphone is in use, and the orange dot indicates that just the microphone is in use.

What is blue light and why is it bad? ›

Blue light has shorter wavelengths and higher energy than other colors. Some research shows a link between eye damage and short-wave blue light with wavelengths between 415 and 455 nanometers. Most of the light from the LEDs used in smartphones, TVs, and tablets has wavelengths between 400 and 490 nanometers.

Do all devices have blue light? ›

Computer and laptop screens, flat-screen televisions, cell phones, and tablets all use LED technologies with high amounts of blue light. We do the research so you don't have to.

What is blue screen of death mode? ›

It indicates a system crash, in which the operating system has reached a critical condition where it can no longer operate safely. Possible issues include hardware failure, an issue with or without a device driver, or unexpected termination of a crucial process or thread.

Is blue light supposed to stay on Ring camera? ›

The blue light flashing through the Ring camera means that the device has been configured. In other words, all the camera's security features are activated. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned when you see the blue light flash on your Ring camera.

Is a Ring camera always recording? ›

Ring cameras do not constantly record and store footage of your property when you are not there. Instead, the camera system is set to record and store footage when any form of motion is detected. If you want continuously monitoring of your home, you must sign up for the company's premium plan.

Should the blue light be on all the time on my Ring Doorbell? ›

The blue light on your Video Doorbell should only show when answering an event, or engaging in a live event, in the Ring app. Another reason a blue light might be noticed is when you are reconnecting to the network, or during connection step when setting up your Doorbell.

Can someone hack into my Ring camera? ›

Without the proper security measures in place, Ring cameras can be hacked. A general rule of thumb when it comes to device security: if it can connect to the internet, it can be hacked. A Ring doorbell hack or exploit, when found by a hacker, will typically be shared online with other cybercriminals.

Can I turn off the blue light on my Ring indoor camera? ›

This is a simple fix for Ring. They need to get on it. Put a small piece of electric or duct tape over the blue light. It still tracks motion and records and the blue light is no longer visible.

Can you turn Ring camera light off? ›

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery has a light schedule feature available. The feature allows you to keep your lights off, even if motion is detected.

How far can a Ring camera see? ›

Seeing the world two ways

The motion sensors in your Ring Video Doorbell are designed to detect motion up to 155 degrees horizontally and from five to 25 feet outward from the fixture.

How far away can Ring detect motion? ›

How far out does motion detection go? Motion detection on video doorbells can detect motion up to 30 feet from the camera. For enhanced motion detection, make sure you have the latest version of the Ring app downloaded on your iOS or Android.

How long do Ring cameras keep footage? ›

This means that a video can remain in your account for up to 180 days – or as little as one day – from the initial recording date. The default video storage time is 60 days (in the US). You can manually adjust your storage time from one day to 180 days in the Ring app or on


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