How To Connect Camera To TV Wirelessly | 4 Easy Methods (2023)

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Stuck in the middle of the road and don’t know How to connect camera to tv Wirelessly? don’t worry. In the next following words, you’ll get a clear explanation to connect your CCTV security camera to a TV.

Since the new IP cameras have conquered our houses, the need to know how to deal with and connect them is increased. Some people love to connect and watch their cameras remotely and they use the mobile app.

While another group of homeowners loves to watch their home cameras on big TV screens like Samsung Smart TV, Sony TV, and other types of smart TV available now in the market.

It’s Not Easy, and it’s Not difficult also, all you need to know is some details about how to connect your surveillance system. You may ask

In the next following words, you know

How To Connect Camera To TV Wirelessly

Method 1: Use The Connection Between The NVR and TV

Method 2: Connect The Camera To The TV By Using NetcamViewer Monitor

Method 3: Connect The Camera To The TV By Using Streaming Apps

Method 4: Get a signal Transmitter and Receiver

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Can I Connect The Camera To TV Wirelessly Without NVR?

Is It Possible to View My IP Cameras on TV?

The answer is Yes, it’s possible to view an IP camera on a TV in many different ways, the first one through a wired cable, and the second through a wifi signal. Nowadays security systems are available in each house, and no surveillance system doesn’t have an NVR or DVR. But you should know that watching IP cameras on TV depends on the video recorder device you use.

All you need to do is connect the NVR to the TV via an HDMI port or VGA port. After that, turn on your smart TV and change between channels to see your cameras via an HDMI port or VGA port.

Now, Let’s dive In and see

How To Connect Camera To TV Wirelessly

Well, To connect the camera to the TV you have wired, and wireless options. Wired option through television cables such as BNC, VGA, or HDMI cables and it’s connected from the base station of the system to the TV. a wireless option is used to connect cam to tv wirelessly through transmitter and receiver.

For more details read the following methods

Method 1: Use The Connection Between The NVR and TV

Give me your attention for seconds! This method is the Easiest Way to Connect Security Camera to TV wirelessly. So, don’t waste time and effort on other tough ways that need professional installers to do.

How To Connect Camera To TV Wirelessly | 4 Easy Methods (1)

Simply, The method is depending on using the HDMI cable for watching CCTV security cameras on the TV. Wirelessly mean you have wireless security cameras, but when it comes to connecting the cam to the TV you’ll use an HDMI cable. Let’s follow the steps

Step 1:Connect the IP cameras to the Network Video recorder (NVR) device. Whatever wired security system uses Ethernet Cat 5/6 cables, or wireless security system uses the WiFi signal.

Step 2: Bring the HDMI cable that is included with your surveillance system and connect it directly to the NVR, From the HDMI output port in the NVR to the HDMI input port on the TV.

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Step 3: Connect the whole security system to the power, and turn on the NVR and cameras individually each one by its power adaptor.

Step 4: The final step is to open your TV and enjoy watching your security cameras in your place while you’re changing TV channels.

Note:You can also connect camera to TV using USB

Method 2: Connect The Camera To The TV By Using NetcamViewer Monitor

If you don’t like the first method and find it’s not good, you can try the second method and both are effective to connect camera to TV wirelessly. The method uses a device called NetcamViewer Monitor.

How To Connect Camera To TV Wirelessly | 4 Easy Methods (2)

The NetcamViewer Monitor is a small device, designed to help people watch their cameras on TV and screens. All you need to do is plug IP cameras into this device via Ethernet cable after that connect the device to the TV by using an HDMI cable.

The device can Display multiple cameras in a sequence on a full screen, and display up to 9 cameras simultaneously on the screen. The device is easy to configure plus it Supports more than 600 brands of cameras.

Note: This method fits if you have more than one security camera and want to watch it all on the TV or your office screen.

Method 3: Connect The Camera To The TV By Using Streaming Apps

Another flexible solution for How to connect camera to tv wirelessly is by using viewing apps of IP cameras. certainly, you can do this if you have a smart TV screen like LG Smart TV and Samsung Smart TV.

All you have to do is to download your viewing app from the store that the camera manufacturer recommends to use and install. The viewing app makes you watch your cameras as it’s from your mobile.

In case you have a wired Analog CCTV camera and want to link it with your smart TV, then you should read how to view analog security cameras on Smart TV.

Method 4: Get a signal Transmitter and Receiver

Since wireless technology has become revolutionary in sending and transmitting data, engineers use it to send videos or pictures from the medium source to another device without using HDMI, or VGA cables.


At this time, there is more than one type of receiver and transmitter. For connecting the camera to the TV wirelessly we’ll use one type which is HDMI or VGA transmitters and receivers.

Depending on the ports available in your TV and the NVR, or DVR you can use a single type of them.

Once you purchase this device from any of the online stores you can use it immediately, it’s easy to install. If you don’t know how to set up the transmitter and receiver follow the below steps

Step1: Put the transmitter next to the NVR, or DVR.

Step2: Plug in the power adapter included with the transmitter box to an electric outlet.

Step3: connect the HDMI cable from the output of the video recorder to the input of the transmitter.

Step4: For the receiver, place it near the Television.

Step5: Hook up the HDMI cable from the outport of the receiver to the port of the TV.

Step6: Power the receiver and then pair both receiver and transmitter.

Now, you know how to connect camera to TV wirelessly and wired. All you need to do is decide which way you’ll go and then apply the above steps.

For more about this method, you can read our blog post about how to connect NVR to TV wirelessly.

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Can I Connect The Camera To TV Wirelessly Without NVR?

Shortly, the answer is YES you can connect the camera to TV wirelessly without needing NVR, wires, or cables. To do this you need to pick a powerful video signal transmitter and receiver to transmit camera feed to the TV directly.

Another solution you can use to link a camera to a TV wirelessly without NVR is to purchase a security camera with HDMI or VGA port and connect the cables from the cam to the Television directly without the need for a video recorder device.

So, It’s possible to connect the camera to TV wirelessly if you have one camera. But if you have a large number of cameras you should use NVR. There are some problems you’ll have if you don’t use NVR like:

1-Signal Problems

The first thing you may have is an unstable signal. Some users bought a compatible TV with his camera, and after connecting his wireless security camera to the TV, he got a “no signal” message on the screen.

2- Only Watch One Camera

Another trouble about connect camera to tv wirelessly without NVR is that you can’t choose which camera to watch on your TV. As the camera cable hooks to The TV directly.

3- Time Waste

Your time is valuable. So, don’t waste it. The most effective methods for connect camera to tv wirelessly require an NVR and testing by camera experts. Besides, if you are not tech-savvy you may damage our surveillance system and bring more troubles.

You probably will need an NVR whatever now to connect the camera to TV Wirelessly, or in the future when you need to increase your security cameras used in your house.

Note: There is a method that you can connect CCTV camera to TV without DVR.


The mentioned 3 methods for how to connect camera to tv wirelessly are proof of their effectiveness. But if you feel something wrong when you connect your cameras to tv don’t wait and call a professional installer.

This will be helpful for you and make sure that you don’t damage anything during the connecting process. and for wire splicing issues you should how to resolve camera wire splicing also.

There are some highly advanced methods for viewing & streaming IP cameras on TV. But, prefer to not use it. These methods like DLNA Method, and using Google Chromecast or Apple TV are not easy and need to be tech-savvy.

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