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Are you looking for a way to turn your ordinary home into a smart home?

Thanks to Alexa, Google Home, and applications such as IFTTT (If This Than That) or MyQ Alexa, you can turn your home into a smart home. More specifically, you can control certain functions, such as opening your garage door. For homeowners, having a smart garage can seem daunting and costly; however, thanks to Chamberlain MyQ, there is the possibility of having a garage door that is controlled completely via your phone or voice.

To help with turning your garage door into a smart one that can open and close with the help of MyQ with Alexa or Google Assistant, consider the following points. Soon, you are going to say farewell to the traditional garage door opener, and hello to voice commands thanks to the Alexa app and more!

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Is MyQ Compatible with Alexa?

Yes, it is! With the help of the application “If This Than That” (IFTT), you can link your MyQ garage door opener and link it to work with Alexa. Doing this allows homeowners to have the capabilities to open or close their doors from anywhere.

To make this possible, there are a few things that have to be done to demonstrate compatibility. It is crucial to have an Alexa account. Once you have created and confirmed your Alexa account, now get the Alexa skill, My IQ Chamberlain. To get the Alexa skill is another way of saying that you are going to get the application designated to help ensure your MyQ Garage work with Alexa.

What Steps Do I Need to Take to Make MyQ Compatible with My Garage and Alexa?

Many smart home garage openers are already preprogrammed to work with Alexa and MyQ. For example, all Chamberlain products are already set up with WIFI and are MyQ compatible. The primary step is to check your garage opening device. It should have the WIFI symbol on it. This tells you that it can respond to commands by Alexa.

Then next step is to go on the MyQ website to connect your garage to the app. You only need to do this once. Start by clicking on the ‘How to Connect’ icon in the taskbar. Then, find your brand of garage opener in the drop-down menu. The drop-down is going to inform you whether or not your new device is already set up with MyQ.

Next, download the MyQ application on your phone or tablet. You then need to create an account. From here, learn about the capabilities of your MyQ garage by browsing through the app.

Now it is time to ensure your MyQ garage can work with Alexa. Open your Alexa app and ensure the MyQ skill is available. You may have to ask Alexa to set up the skill for the first time. Make sure Alexa knows to save this skill.

Once everything is set up, time to practice. Ask Alexa to open then close your garage. Do this several times, using the various command options. For example, use the Alexa voice command and then try using your phone. You want to make sure that your MyQ application can work with Alexa in all possible ways. It is also recommended to have your family try to control your garage through the close and open functions on their personal devices. Ensuring you are fully set up at the beginning is the best way to reduce problems later.

How Do I Open the MyQ Smart Garage Door with Alexa?

Any garage door openers Alexa is compatible with can be controlled in several ways. One of the most popular is the voice command option. Homeowners can use Alexa to close or open their garage door by simply saying ‘Alexa open garage door.’ This is not the only voice control option that Alexa responds to. It is the homeowner’s option to program their Chamberlain MyQ garage door to acknowledge commands. This may be an essential feature for users with several garage doors. They need to work with Alexa to name each of their garage doors individually so that their MyQ app knows to close or open the right door.

Alternatively, you can open and close your garage door from the app on your phone or tablet. Simply click on your Amazon Alexa app and find your MyQ skill. From here, press the open-close icon, and Alexa then responds by completing the requested action.

Your MyQ skill on Alexa can be controlled in your way of preference. This means you do not have to solely rely on using the voice command or the button on the phone app. You can switch back and forth with ease to suit your needs. Additionally, you can share the controls with your spouse or children. They can add the MyQ skill to work with Alexa on their devices so that they open or close your garage when you are not home.

How does Amazon Key Work with MyQ?

Amazon Key is one of the best features for Chamberlain garages that work with Alexa. Amazon Key was designed to combat the illusive porch pirate. Porch pirates are people who steal packages left by your door. They act with confidence and steal deliveries in broad daylight. So often, they are caught on camera and still take the risk. At-home delivery is so convenient, but very few people could protect their packages until Amazon Key came out. It is not always possible to be home when a package arrives, so another solution was necessary.

Amazon Key works by allowing Amazon packages to be delivered right inside a homeowner’s garage. The delivery person can walk up to the garage door where you can open it for them to leave your package inside. Once they step out, you close the garage, securing your package and your home.

Some Chamberlain MyQ garage doors come with a camera mounted to the bottom of the device, similar to other Alexa products. This camera is essential for your security. In real-time, you can receive notifications and see who is approaching your home. Though you may be expecting a package, a suspicious person may trigger your camera instead. The camera gives you the ability to see if your package is arriving or there is an unwanted visitor. It would be a terrible mistake to open your garage to the wrong person. The MyQ garage opener with a camera saves you from making this type of error.

Is There a Monthly Fee for MyQ?

The MyQ application is free to initially download. No matter your type of device, Apple or Andriod, you can find the application in your app store. To find the correct app, try searching “MyQ garage Alexa.” The combination of these keywords should return the results you need. Before downloading, be sure that it is the right app by browsing through the detailed description. Also, be sure that the display icon matches the proper MyQ emblem. Remember that if it asks you to pay a fee upfront, you have clicked on the wrong app.

Before you download, you may need to update your application account on your phone. This is because, to connect your devices to MyQ, you are required to pay a monthly fee. This fee is very affordable, coming in at only $1 per month. If you prefer, you can spend $10 and pay for the entire year, regardless of you choose to pay, the small fee is worth it when you consider the additional safety features you gain from using the app. Have the peace of mind of smart homes when you use MyQ

Garage Door Openers Compatible with Alexa

There are many types of Chamberlain smart garage door openers that work with Alexa. Each product features unique qualities at varying price points. One of the most popular is the RJ070 Next-Gen Wifi Garage door opener. Other garage door opener devices often need to be mounted on the ceiling. This can take up storage space, yet it is far enough off the ground to be challenging to fix. This Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener features a wall mounting system. It is quiet when in operation and cannot be heard in living spaces. The device also comes with the MyQ app preinstalled, making the setup simple and straightforward. As an increased security measure, this garage door opener deadbolts your garage door every time you close it. Additionally, you need not worry about connecting to MyQ and Alexa during power outages. The smart home garage door opener uses a battery backup system to make sure you are never locked out and that you can close the door once inside.

A cost-effective Chamberlain MyQ smart home garage door system is the B373 Smart Garage Opener. MyQ and Alexa work together to allow you to open your garage door and then close your garage door from anywhere. It can even trigger alerts whenever the garage door is activated. Many users have a daily routine, so access to this information can be vital to ensure your home is always safe or your family. It is a strong product, with the lifting action of 1/2 HP. This Chamberlain garage door system is ideal for anyone interested in turning their garage door into a smart home.

Finally, a moderately priced MyQ and Alexa compatible garage door system is the B4545 Secure View WIFI Garage Door with Camera opener. The video option shows you the view within your garage, either in real-time or as a recorded feed. With your smartphone, you can open and close your garage door because WIFI is built right into this device. This MyQ garage device can also close or open heavier garage doors with it’s 3/4 HP. The B4545 works great for most smart home garage doors.

Is Google Assistant the Same as the Alexa App?

While Google Assistant is similar to Alexa, the Chamberlain MyQ Alexa app offers numerous advantages. This smart garage door app can be used from anywhere your phone has reception. Since the Alexa app can be accessed remotely, you can open and close your garage door, even when you are not home. This particular feature is especially helpful because it maximizes the use of your smart garage door. For example, you can open or close your garage door to accept deliveries, even when you are not home. You can also control your smart garage door to let your kids in at the end of the school day. The Chamberlain MyQ app not only turns your garage door a smart one, but it also enhances the safety of your home for you and your family.

What are the Best Features of MyQ?

There are so many features of the Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener, it can be challenging to pinpoint the very best ones. Firstly, the fact that it is compatible with Alexa is extremely helpful. Many people are familiar with Alexa and already have Amazon products in their homes. This makes it very easy to bring a new device into your home and match it with other products. Additionally, the learning curve is relatively flat because users are already familiar with how Alexa works.

Secondly, users of this garage opener have access to Amazon Key through their Prime account. As we discussed earlier, this service is integral to create a total home security plan. Not only can you see who is approaching your home, but you can also ensure none of your packages get stolen. Whether it is expensive or cheap, no matter what you have purchased, no one wants their delivery stolen.

The camera attached to your MyQ garage opener gives you a real-time view of what is going on in your garage. It can sensor movements that send notifications to your phone. Suppose it is just your spouse getting something from your car or delivery being placed inside. In that case, you have peace of mind knowing your camera is catching every movement.

Another feature is the daily schedule ability. Using Alexa, you can create routines for your garage to follow. For instance, you can have the lights in your garage turn on or off at the same time on selected days. At the end of the day, you can ask the app to close your garage door. Alternatively, if your kids arrive home at the same time each day, you can program the door to open and then close behind them. This is yet another safety mechanism. It comes in especially handy when you are away and want to protect your home.

Your MyQ and Alexa can also be set up to allow specified visitors into your home. When you have guests staying with you or regular visitors like your in-laws, you can give them limited access to your home. All homeowners have to do is set up a profile and then use Alexa to access the controls you have allowed. This is quite useful when you cannot be home when your visitors are, or your in-laws care for your kids or pets during the day.

Final Thoughts

Chamberlain and Amazon have paired up to make the ideal garage door opener that is compatible with Alexa. Like other Alexa products, this door opener is incredibly simple to use. It enhances the safety of your home while balancing your access needs. Since Alexa is available on multiple devices, you can select numerous family members to have limited control of your garage. These garage door openers are sold for various price points, meaning you don’t have to spend beyond your budget to enjoy the perks that go with it. Give yourself peace of mind and freedom to live your life and turn your home into one that is going to work with Alexa.

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